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Corporate responsibility

ÇAK TEKSTIL, one of the world's leading manufacturers in the textile industry and active in the textile industry for over half a century, is continuously striving for improvements by developing all possibilities in terms of innovations and technology and increasing customer satisfaction in accordance with customer demands.

Our primary goal in product and service is to sustain our operations, both now and in the future, by continuously improving in quality, health, environment, and social responsibility.

The continuity of our company in domestic and foreign markets is possible thanks to our high product, service, and quality standards. At the same time, the quality of our products and services begins with the quality and responsibility of our employees.

As a brand and manufacturer, we consider it our duty and responsibility to take into account the impact of our activities as a clothing manufacturer on the ecosystem, economy, and society as a whole, and to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. That is why we have set an example for other textile companies by setting up and operating the purification plant during the establishment of the Adapazarı factory.

Success is always shared. Continuity in our principles of quality, occupational health, safety and environment, and social responsibility. This is our main goal in our products and services, but it is only a point that can be achieved with our employees. Always moving forward for continuous quality, a clean world, and comfortable and healthy work.

Together, with each other, Hüseyin Yılmaz ÇAKOĞLU

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Our company goals & principles:

  • To combine Çak Tekstil's values with its goals and strategies and to grow with continuous development in the target market
  • To maintain our market and competition superiority by offering our products and services to our customers with increasing quality to our competitors
  • To achieve the intended level of quality with a planned and systematic organization throughout the company to ensure continuity in quality
  • To ensure the long-term commitment of our customers
  • About every aspect of our business in Turkey and World Standards apply all over the world
  • To operate in compliance with environmental laws related to our industry
  • To use the energy we consume as effectively as possible
  • To minimize pollution during our activities
  • To limit the use of natural resources as much as possible
  • To give confidence in environmental practices
  • To ensure that our waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner
  • To carry out all activities related to recycling
  • Continuous development with an environmentally conscious approach, in parallel with technological developments
  • Our company achieves its goal with its employees, thanks to the adoption and approval of the company's development policy
  • Success is always shared
  • Continuity in our principles of quality, occupational health, safety and environment and social responsibility, which is our main goal in our products and services, is just one point to be achieved with our employees
  • Always moving forward for continuous quality, a clean world and comfortable and healthy work
  • Act ethically with a sense of responsibility in all our businesses and activities
  • To continuously improve and improve the efficiency and performance of our businesses
  • To increase the satisfaction of our employees who focus on quality at all stages of our production
  • To meet the requirements of labor law and the SA8000:2008 standard, to ensure compliance with local and international laws and the SA8000:2008 standard with Integrated Management System Standards
  • To pay the fees stipulated by laws and collective agreements
  • Respect the rights and personality of each individual, not allow verbal, physical or psychological harassment, act equally and fairly
  • No pressure on employees to join unions or not
  • Not employ child laborers under the age of 15 who comply with the scope of child labor in all of our businesses
    Our employees do not discriminate on matters such as language, religion, race, national origin, gender and thought
  • To always prioritize the human health and safety of our employees
  • Carrying out activities to prevent accidents and occupational diseases in our company
  • To carry out activities to reduce the risk values of the hazards identified in our company
  • The importance we place on training as management and employees is to raise the standards of the company's employees, improve environmental awareness and make our employees part of the quality system by including training on quality improvement and the environment.
  • It is the responsibility of all employees and management to spread and develop the understanding of quality, occupational health and safety, environment and social responsibility within the company