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About LTB

“A never ending passion for denim, since 1948”

Jeans are an important part of people's daily lives. Jeans culture allows you to feel comfortable, free and confident. Denim is timeless and endless. With 70 years of history, it is therefore not surprising that LTB's designs have attracted the attention of many international style icons. Each LTB jeans bears the traces of unique designs combined with craftsmanship of this century.

“Wear it. Feel it.”

LTB believes that when you feel happy and comfortable in your clothes, your inner confidence is your ultimate apparel.
With every product and interaction, our mission is to make people feel confident on the inside by making it easy for them to look great on the outside.

“Making Fashion Uncomplicated”

At LTB, we want to bring fashion in an uncomplicated way.
In a world full of complexities, we want to help people go about their life with confidence by making fashion uncomplicated. We are a pillar of their uncomplicated wardrobe; reliable, comfortable and always on style.
Building your wardrobe becomes so much easier with looks that fit your mood and way of living. Building your inner confidence day after day. Our goal is to offer products where fit, quality and good value for money come together.

Our Brand values

Inner Confidence

Once we feel at ease with ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder and any experience that brings a bit more happiness to our lives. That's why LTB wants to empower people to build their inner confidence and self-acceptance.


We believe that feeling confident and looking great in your clothes shouldn't be a struggle. From the moment people discover our apparel to the 100th time they put them on, we want to inspire ease and convenience that relieves people from too many returns, bad fits or disappointments in quality.


When it comes to LTB, you can trust that it is our product – from beginning to end. That's why people can make a confident choice with LTB knowing what the product is about and how it was produced.

Great Value

We believe in creating great quality and style for great prices. We want to make looking great easy and effortless for as many people as possible by providing high quality essentials with a steady attention to detail. Everyday fashion that goes beyond expectations.

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