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Interested in working at LTB?

Of course you can! We have around 75 colleagues in Europe and we are always looking for more! We are searching for people with passion and courage, who are committed to providing the best quality with 100% effort!

Working Atmosphere

At LTB, there is an informal working atmosphere that makes everyone approachable and accessible. We have a nice mix of driven beginners and experienced specialists. Being yourself is essential to us at LTB. We strongly believe in going forward together: together as a team.

LTB Jeans = 100% Yourself

At LTB, we view LTB lovers more as family members than as just customers or employees. Trust is our foundation. We believe in diversity and integrity. "Quality comes first": the quality of our products, employees, and work processes is what sets us apart. We are honest, reliable, and sincere; we do what we say.

At LTB, it doesn't matter where you come from, what you believe in, who you love, or how you look. Of course, it's great if you wear our brand! At LTB, you can be 100% yourself, and we can make that happen only if we ensure that you feel safe and at home, that we have mutual respect. We bring out the best in each other by how we treat each other.

What are the employment conditions at LTB?

At LTB, hard work is expected, so you can expect to be rewarded for it:


We are a member of the Wholesale Textile Goods Collective Labor Agreement and reward our LTB'ers according to their value, taking knowledge and experience into account.

Leave & Vacation

After all that hard work, taking a break is also necessary. Therefore, at LTB, you will receive at least 25 vacation days per year. In addition, we have various arrangements, including care leave, parental leave, relocation leave, exceptional leave, and more. Need more time off? No problem, you can buy extra leave days!

Travel Expenses

If you live 10 kilometers or more away from us, we will reimburse your travel expenses! If you have a mobile position, don't worry, we'll take care of a car. We're not difficult.

The Extras

  • Development budget: if you want to improve your skills, we'll support you!
  • Employee discount: there's nothing better than seeing our LTB'ers wear our brand, so we encourage that with a generous employee discount!
  • Vacation pay: you can expect 8% of your gross annual salary to be deposited into your account in May!
  • Pension: we are affiliated with the Retail Pension Fund so that you can rest assured that you'll be taken care of later. Everything is arranged as soon as you start working with us.
  • PAWW: life is full of surprises, unfortunately some unpleasant. No one wants to become unemployed or sick. But it happens. Fortunately, you can receive a WW or income-related WGA benefit from the government. But what happens after a maximum of two years when your benefit runs out? The PAWW scheme provides a supplement to your benefit.
  • Collective discount:
    • through our own health insurance collective, you can receive a discount on your health insurance from various health insurance companies, also for your family members.
    • at Centraal Beheer on various private insurances.
  • Last but not least; our famous summer BBQ, one not to be missed!

Looking for an internship?

Interns are more than welcome to join our team! Who better to learn from than young people who have the newest theories, ideas, and tools?

What will you be doing?

You will actively participate in our daily work, so you will really experience what it's like to work at LTB. Your ideas or improvement plans are more than welcome. So, not only will you learn from us, but we will especially learn from you.

Interested in an internship at LTB?

Do you recognize yourself in our values? Are you following a suitable vocational training program in (online) marketing and communication, creative business or finance and are you looking for a work placement? Then you've come to the right place.

Join our family!


Would you like to know more about working at LTB or experience the work atmosphere in our office? We would love to hear from you!